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MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA - September/October 2017

Navigating the Matrix 2 Day Seminar: 30th Sept - 1st Oct 2017

In this seminar we will look into the current AI (Artificial Intelligence) take-over of the planet and the systematic implementation of its processes. George will also show how we can effectively navigate our way through this challenging landscape of AI imposition by understanding the dynamics of relationship between AI, Earth and Her Humanity; and by learning how to better read your own internal compass and enact a more suitable implementation of your intention.

Connect and journey into the emerging world with George, and feel your awareness expand. There will be ample opportunity for Q&A, so bring that burning question you have about the Matrix. 


Transcending the Matrix 4 Day Seminar: 5th-8th Oct 2017

Transcending the Matrix is a 4-day event that provides a supportive learning and remembering process for you to revitalise and resurrect the Sovereign and Infinite Being you truly are.

This 4 day event is composed of 2 courses:

  • 3 Day Course – Transcending the God Matrix
  • 1 Day Course – Inner Intelligence

Transcending The God Matrix is for those who journey the path of the ‘Truth Seeker’. It’s for those who are awake and aware enough to recognize that there not only exists an Earthly Matrix, but also a Cosmic Matrix with a mastermind behind it. And who know that the Natural Creator of this Universe and the God of religions are two distinctly different beings.

There are those of us who inherently know we are natural Creator Beings. We are done being a pawn in another entities’ game. It is time for us to step up, reclaim and embody our Sovereign Infinite Beingness. It’s time to reclaim our planet by forging our new path in this reality.

Please note: Transcending The God Matrix is not a beginner’s level course. Attendees must have read my book, ‘Our Universal Journey’ and be well-versed with my work. You must have a clear understanding that we live in a multi-dimensional Universe and that we are Infinite Beings beyond this Universal Creation.

Inner Intelligence is a one-day seminar that focuses on developing practical tools and techniques to help you navigate the Matrix. You learn to expand your inner creative powers and potential through the application of interdimensional energies and technologies. I help you reactivate your natural creator abilities and skill sets. You leave with inner technologies to help you in your everyday life and much more.

Please note: Inner Intelligence is an advanced level seminar and is a follow-on from Transcending the God Matrix. All participants in this one-day course must have previously attended my ‘Transcending the God Matrix’ 3-day Seminar.